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Lemon Creamed Honey is homemade in small batches in North Carolina. Creamed raw honey and lemons are married in this delightful jar of heavenly goodness. Lemon Creamed Honey  is so popular because it is so versatile: You can begin using Lemon Creamed Honey with your morning teas (green or black) to a late night snack (crostini topped with ricotta and a drizzle of Lemon Creamed Honey). You will find a thousand ways to enjoy this honey.  It's spark of citrus will brighten your day so, when life hands you lemon zest, savor it with honey!

Creative Ways To Use Lemon Creamed Honey

Make a light, zesty dressing for spinach salad: Mix 1 tablespoon of Creamed Honey with Lemon with 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.  Dress salad and add pine nuts, goat cheese and your favorite protein

Spread as an icing on granola bars or lemon poppy seed muffins

Or as a glaze to grilled salmon

Spread over a bagel

Cough Relief

Marinate Chicken or Vegetables

A favorite hostess tip:  spread honey on a plate, rim glass in honey then in raw sugar.  Fill glass with iced tea or lemonade.


Creamed honey and whipped honey are the same thing. It is usually quite light in colour, and when made properly, is quite creamy in texture. Its contents are the same as regular liquid honey; it is just a different form. The creaminess is just a very fine granulation (See the page on granulated honey for a discussion of how granulation occurs.) Some people prefer to use the creamed or even a more solid version of honey in their cooking/baking or for general consumption – I find it tends to be less messy. You can use a knife or spoon when handling it and it doesn’t drip everywhere and make all your surfaces sticky.

Lemon Creamed Honey is available now at the CAROLINA COUNTRY STORE, located inside the Old Wilmington City Market, 119 South Water Street, Wilmington, NC. (Across from the Cape Fear River Walk)

Lemon Creamed Honey  is another AWESOME homemade product made in the state of North Carolina!!!!!!

Supporting Artisans with Disabilities!!!!!!

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