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Carolina Deluxe Nut Mix is homemade in small batches by Artisans with Disabilities in North Carolna.  Carolina Deluxe Nut Mix a is a new delicious salty treat.   Thiis Carolina Deluxe Nut Mix is a combination of Butter Roasted Pecans, Jumbo Whole Cashews, Whole Almonds, and a touch of sweetness with Honey Sesame Sticks. Carolina Deluxe Nut Mix is a  great and different snack That is  perfect for all occasions.This mix, Carolina Deluxe Nut Mix, is available  in a 10 ounce air tight, tamper proof container and a 5 ounce resealable air tight bags. 

Benefits of Sesame Sticks (Carolina Deluxe Nut Mix)


Sesame sticks are a good source of fat, with 10.4 g in just 1 oz., or 16 percent of the daily value, based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Of this fat, 1.8 g is saturated. Because they contain a lot of fat, sesame sticks are also relatively high in calories, with 153 in 1 oz. Although most of the fat found in sesame seeds is heart-healthy unsaturated fat, it is important to consume small amounts to keep your caloric intake under control.


Although sesame sticks are not high in protein, they do contain a little bit, with about 3 g in 1 oz. Protein is involved in the building and repair of the body's tissues. In addition, it is important as part of a weight-loss plan, as it slows the emptying of food from the stomach and keeps you satisfied throughout the day. Sesame sticks are not as high in protein as some other snacks, such as nuts.


Sesame sticks do not contain much fiber, with only 0.8 g in 1 oz. Foods containing fiber are among the best choices between meals, as fiber holds food in the stomach and helps stave off hunger. If you would like to add some fiber to your snack, try consuming a small portion of sesame sticks and a small amount of a fiber-containing food, such as a fruit. Most nuts also contain a few grams of fiber.

Vitamins and Minerals

Sesame sticks are an excellent source of calcium, with 48 percent of the daily value in 1 oz. They also contain small amounts of other nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin B-6 and zinc. Watch out for the sodium found in this snack; 1 oz. contains 18 percent of the daily value. The American diet is generally far too high in sodium from processed foods; this nutrient should be limited in the diet due to the increased risk of heart disease when consumed in excess.

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5 OZ. Bag, 10 OZ. Jar


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