Candy Buds

How are Buds created? WITH LOVE!

90 years later, Butterfields Buds are hand made in large copper kettles as they were when they were first created in 1924. We believe that good, old fashioned taste can only be created the good, old fashioned way! And, yes, it might take a bit more time, but let’s face it .. it’s WELL worth it! You will not find another candy with such exceptional flavor! Delicate essences of fruit nectar is found in each morsel of candy. Under the careful eyes of master confectioners, a sliver of coconut is nestled into each bud and then touched off with a sweet dusting of sugar. Fruit + Coconut + Sugar Dusting. The result? A candy with unmatched flavor and texture, which leaves you with the impression of enjoying a fresh, juicy piece of fruit right off the tree in paradise. Craving a variety of fruit flavors? Well, we can help there! We offer more than just the timeless, classic Peach flavor. We have Key Lime, Lemon and our newest bud, Honeybell Orange Buds!

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