Creamed Honey

Fashioning our Vintage Bee Creamed Honey is a meticulous and precise process well worth the wait. The honey is spun slowly until it is extra smooth and creamy. Then just at the peak of creaminess the fruit and spices are added to make a rich and delectable delight for the taste buds! Never pasteurized, our pure, raw, creamed honey is an extraordinary and flavorful treat you must taste to believe!

The versatility of Vintage Bee Creamed Honey is only limited by the imagination. It’s perfect on toast, sandwiches, bagels, and in oatmeal. You can’t beat it as a topping for pancakes or waffles and it’s a healthy sweetener for coffee or tea. It’s great for baking and cooking, and is outstanding on seafood or as a marinade for vegetables or meats. Eat it right out of the jar as an afternoon pick-me-up. There really is no wrong way to spread the honey!

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